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Our Story

Quarterback is on a mission to evolve the way eSports enthusiasts interact with each other. We are creating a new language of engagement, where eSports talents and streamers become an integral part of their fans gameplay. This is just the beginning of the natural evolution of eSports.

  • Jon Weinberg CEO Jon Weinberg
  • Alex Mazyarik CTO Alex Mazyarik
  • Yevgeni Volovich VP R&D Yevgeni Volovich
  • Dror Cohen Chief Architect Dror Cohen
  • Itai Goren Full-Stack Developer Itai Goren
  • Jennifer Evans Community Manager Jennifer Evans
  • Amir Meleczkovicz QA Lead Amir Meleczkovicz
  • BITKRAFT Esports Ventures Investor BITKRAFT Esports Ventures
  • DeepSpace Ventures Investor DeepSpace Ventures
  • UpWest Labs Investor UpWest Labs
  • OpenDoor Venture Capital Investor OpenDoor Venture Capital
  • Crest Capital Venutres Investor Crest Capital Venutres
  • Fusion LA Investor Fusion LA
  • Michael Vorhaus Advisor Michael Vorhaus
  • Uri Marchand Advisor Uri Marchand
  • Rodrigo Velloso Advisor Rodrigo Velloso
  • Michael Steuer Advisor Michael Steuer

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