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POSTED BY john May 12, 2018

Influencer (Streamers) & Community Manager, North America

Quarterback Inc. – Los Angeles, CA

Quarterback, a fast-growing esports startup company, was founded by a team of experienced software industry veterans and entrepreneurial gamers who are on a quest to revolutionize the way esports enthusiasts interact with each other.

What we do:

Quarterback is the first fan-engagement platform that enables streamers and professional gamers to continuously engage with their audiences by creating their own fan-club gaming leagues. These leagues can host daily challenges, give away prizes, compete against other clubs worldwide and offer other perks.

What we are looking for:

Passionate gamers, brilliant geeks and die-hard techies, who want to create new products, who are thirsty to excel at everything, but more than anything truly understand the meaning behind the saying: “Work Hard, Play Harder”.

That’s where you come in.

As an Influencer (Streamers) & Community Manager, you’ll be Quarterback’s ambassador to everything streaming and gaming. You will be responsible for building meaningful and impactful relationships with local and international influencers, seek out new talent, and partner with veterans and new content creators alike.

You are ideally already a dominant member of the gaming community and know what truly makes someone an influencer of players’ hearts and minds. You know how to identify the right talent to work with, how to communicate with them effectively, solve their problems and answer to their needs.

You are:

  • A Magician – You have a charming personality. Knowledge is your strongest feature and you’re always thirsty for more.
  • A Tank – You’re resilient and calm. You’re not afraid to take a hit and able to endure obstacles.
  • A Sniper – You never miss a target. You know where to find it and how to hunt it down.
  • An Assassin – You’re an executioner. Goal-driven, focused and time-efficient.
  • Connected: You watch more Twitch and gaming YouTubers than anything else. We won’t have to explain who Sneaky is, because of course you know who Sneaky is. In fact, you know who the next Sneaky could be – you relate to them and have dozens of ideas on how to help level up their craft, and get them to where they need to be.
  • Experienced: You have at least three years experience creating streaming content, or managing and collaborating with streamers in the community. You know how to support an affiliate streamer, a partnered one, and can speak to the differences between them. This is the type of work you live for, and you’ll be able to articulate that passion through past projects and goals.
  • A gamer: You have a deep understanding of esports titles. You know the in-and-out of the gaming & esports industries. This understanding not only translates to playing games, but the communities that love them as well.

You will:

  • Help build and shape and thriving community of Streamers, professional players, teams and their fans
  • Foster and build relationships directly with influencers and identify ways to level up their craft
  • Track and manage collaborations with streamers, and ensure they feel supported through the entire process
  • Generate creative, high-quality editorial content to be published through our website, and social media outlets
  • Monitor and moderate user generated contents within our social media outlets
  • Provide comprehensive reports on community feedback, issues, concerns and trends to stakeholders in order to address the communities’ needs.
  • Work in a fast-paced environment managing multiple deliverables and projects at once

Please include a resume and cover letter. We receive a lot of applications, but we’ll notice a well-written intro that shows us you mean business. You get an un-fair advantage if streamers or content creators vouch for you and know who you are.